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Dr James Partridge Assisted Places Scheme

As well as  making a regular donation to the Trust’s work, supporters can choose to sponsor a Scholarship at the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School.

The Dr James Partridge Assisted Places Scheme

The Assisted Places Scheme is named in memory of Dr James Partridge (right), one of BKIT’s founding trustees who died on 17 April 2009. Standing Order donations to BKIT are used exclusively to cover the costs of the Assisted Places Scheme. Applied on a sliding scale according to needs, full assistance will include all tuition, transport and school uniform costs, for one child for an academic year, which currently costs £240 a year – just £20 a month.

Both BKIT and the School are keen to ensure that recipients of asssitance, who are children of families classified by the Indian government as BPL (Below the Poverty Line), are not singled out or discriminated against. Therefore, the Dr James Partridge Asssited Places Scheme does not involve sponsorship of a individual, named child but a contribution to the overall cost of ensuring the School is accessible to children from families with low incomes.

To support the Assisted Places Scheme please complete the standing order form below and return it to:

Buwan Kothi International Trust,
PO Box 51077,
London E7 7AL

Assisted Places Scheme Standing Order Form

BKIT UK guarantees that 100% of your Standing Order Donation will go into the Assisted Places programme.


  1. The Buwan Kothi International Trust UK has a dedicated policy that the school must include children from the families who cannot afford to pay the GMMCS fees.
  2. In order to ensure that GMMCS can afford to pay for children from low income families, BKIT UK has set up an “Assisted Places” fund.
  3. It is the intention of BKIT UK to achieve at least 25% of students on Assisted Places.
  4. The money is transferred at regular intervals from BKIT UK to BKIT India, for disbursement in the school, according to the following criteria:

* The family total income must be less than 60,000 Rs per year (approx £600).

* Priority will be given to children from the local villages and especially orphans and those with physical disabilities.

* The award is discretionary and therefore the GMMCS Management may decide, according to need, to award:

  1. total or partial fee payment
  2. extra funds to cover the cost of school uniform, school books, transport
  3. any other discretionary allowance as agreed by the Management Committee