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About Buwan Kothi

The village was founded in 1955 when families moved to the area to benefit from the Bhakra dam project and the canals issuing from it.

Buwan Kothi is about 16 km from Tohana, the nearest large town where the sub-district courts, main market and different levels of schooling, both private and government-funded, are based. Buwan means ‘new’ and Kothi means ‘canal rest house’.

There are approximately 36 families living in Buwan Kothi, farming wheat, rice, cotton, sugar cane, rapeseed oil and fodder crops for their animals. There are also around six buffalo for milk and although tractors are used for farming, most farmers still keep two buffalo for pulling carts. Most would benefit significantly from advice on sustainable farming methods.

Although there are around 30 children in Buwan Kothi, most villagers have to pay to send their children to school in Bhuna, which is 7 kilometres away, or in Tohana. The village has no healthcare facilities and although one local man sells pharmaceutical drugs, he is untrained. A healthcare professional and a health education program would greatly decrease levels of poor health and illness, especially for the most deprived families.

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