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Mota Singh

Mota lives in Leamington Spa and for many years worked for the Royal Mail. He is a town councillor and was the first member of the town’s Asian community to be elected as Mayor. He is also a Warwickshire County Councillor and a School Governor at the local Kingsway Primary and Whitnash Nursery Schools.

Sangita Mundy

Sangita lives in Leamington Spa and has worked as a Housing Officer with a national housing association. She recently changed direction to work as a community mediator.

Janet Alty

Janet worked for seven years with the primarily Sikh community in Leamington Spa helping women to gain confidence in English through friendship with local English-speaking women. She is currently Chair of a regeneration programme in Leamington Spa and also a Trustee of One World Link, Warwick District’s community friendship link with Bo in Sierra Leone.

Margaret McGreevy

Maggie lives in Leamington Spa and trained as a baker and confectioner after leaving school. In 1978 she joined the Royal Mail, working with Mota Singh, and since 1992 has undertaken voluntary work for a day centre for the elderly in Coventry.

Kevin Blowe

Kevin is Coordinator of the Community Involvement Unit, part of the charity Aston-Mansfield based in Newham in east London. He leads a team that provides advice, support and training to enable voluntary and community groups to grow and become more sustainable. Kevin formerly worked as a Fundraiser for the Tower Hamlets branch of the mental health charity Mind.

Debbie Quargnolo

Debbie is a Personal Trainer and Change Management Coach based in east London. Debbie’s work revolves around promoting healthy lifestyle and positive mental attitudes both with her one-to one clients and through workshops she organises around London.

Deborah Coles

Deborah lives in north London and is co-director of INQUEST , a small national charity that provides specialist advice to bereaved people, lawyers and other agencies on contentious deaths and their investigation, primarily deaths in custody. She is also Deputy Chair of the Centre for Corporate Accountability and a former member of the BBC Appeals Advisory Committee.

Piara Powar

Piara lives in London and is Director of Kick It Out , a race, inclusion and football campaigning body. He is a former worker at Newham Monitoring Project and a trustee of community projects in Luton and Sheffield. His interests include the interface between global sport and social change.

Chris Tully

Chris lives in London and has spent the last 20 years working in the field of community-based education and training. He has also taught in the FE sector, and managed training for organisations such as NACRO, The London Connection and NACAB. Chris is an associate of Baker Brown Associates, a Bristol based research and development co-operative specialising in life long learning and the social economy, and of the National Housing Federation.

Stephanie Carney

Stephanie lives in west London and is Head of Business Planning and Operations at, the UK’s largest network of specialist job websites.

Former Trustees

James Partridge

James was a retired paediatrician who was a founding trustee of the Buwan Kothi International Trust. He had also served as a Warwickshire County Councillor, a member of the board of the National Children’s Bureau and was the Warwickshire representative of the Botanical Society of the British Isles. James died on 17 April 2009.

Gilly Mundy

Gilly was a founding trustee of the Buwan Kothi International Trust and worked as a Senior Caseworker for INQUEST . He was a former worker and management committee member of the Newham Monitoring Project , an east London community racial harassment project, and worked for the Stephen Lawrence Family Campaign during the public inquiry into Stephen’s racist murder. He tragically died on 17 March 2007, aged only 36.