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Feb 27 / BKIT

What’s The Weather Like In India?

“The weather in England is nothing compared to the weather in India. We have rain, rain and rain and sometimes once a year we have snow!” Days after the heaviest snowfall in southern England in more than a decade, over 40 children aged nine and ten years old at Estcots Primary School in East Grinstead, West Sussex, were busy writing letters to their counterparts at the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School in Haryana – and it was clear that the subject of the weather was close to their minds!

The letters, along with photos of the town, were taken out to India by BKIT Trustees in late February, as part of the Trust’s efforts to build closer links between our major project in Lehrian and schools in the UK. We hope that by April, the children at Estcots will have received replies and that this will be the first step towards further contact between the two schools. The development of similar links is currently underway at Weston Park school in north London.

We would like to thank the pupils of Year 5 at Estcots Primary School and their teachers for all of their hard work.