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Jan 31 / BKIT

Girls Hockey coaching at GMMCS

Dani Black GMMCS Oct 2014 pic 1

Dani Black GMMCS Oct 2014 pic 3

A key objective for GMMCS is to encourage and provide opportunities for girls to take part in sport. Dani Black, a national hockey player/coach from Leamington Spa, England was invited to GMMCS in October 2014.

Dani describes her experience at GMMCS in October 2014 ..

β€˜In October I had the pleasure of being invited to visit the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School, India for 2 weeks. I arrived with little knowledge of what I would see, what I may experience and who I would meet when I got there. My intention was to teach hockey to girls within the school, something which I do every day in the UK. However, upon arriving I experienced something far beyond that. I was overwhelmed with the kindness, generosity of spirit and happiness within the school. The children at GMMCS were without doubt the happiest and most enthusiastic children I have ever spent time with. A large part of my day coaching hockey in the UK is based around encouraging and enthusing people to enjoy the process of learning to play hockey. The children at GMMCS needed absolutely no encouragement and in fact, surprisingly, they were the ones who encouraged and inspired me!
From day one, every child who I had contact with was keen to learn whatever I was teaching – despite the language barrier! The pupils were taught the basic skills and concepts of the game and they then learned to develop these into game situations. By the end of the 2 weeks all of the pupils who attended the hockey practices were able to play the game competently. They began to learn the rules and even tactics of the game. My aim was to leave the pupils with a basic knowledge of the requirements of the game and a desire to continue playing when I was no longer there to teach. I have been delighted to hear that the girls are continuing to be taught hockey, thanks to Mr Hari Kesh. My visit to GMMCS was a life changing one for me and I will certainly return to visit the school in the future with hope of seeing hockey develop and the positive spirit of the pupils still alive.’

Dani Black GMMCS Oct 2014 pic 4

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