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Feb 10 / BKIT

BKIT side plays Pottertons Old Boys

Sunday 7th February saw the return of Leamington BKIT Kick it Out team in a historically significant game against Pottertons Old Boys. played at Henley in Arden College.

This was the first time in more than ten years that the famous Pottertons name had been used in a football context and it saw the return of some great players and characters from its illustrious past.

Indeed many of the BKIT side have also played for Pottertons in its past which gave the fixture a “family” reunion feel.

Led by Roy Evans and Terry Dyer the Pottertons team reformed specially to help raise funds for the Buwan Kothi International Trust and to fight discrimination and intolerance in sport.

The game proved to be equal to the occasion with both sides showing that the years have been kind regarding fitness levels.

The game raised £350 for the charity and former Mayor and trustee of BKIT Mota Singh expressed his gratitude and thanks to both teams for their involvement.

He explained: “Today has been a great success and I would like to thank all involved in organising this game for their hard work.

“We are also pleased to see Pottertons reforming especially for this event and if they continue as a team then this fits with the charity’s ethos of empowering the local community to work together for good causes.”