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May 19 / BKIT

BKIT receives £10K grant for improving education at GMMCS

Since 2007, the money BKIT has raised for projects in Haryana has always come from sponsored events and individual donations, but we have now received our first grant: the Openwork Foundation has provided £10,000 towards improving education provision at the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School (GMMCS).

care4kidsOpenwork is a network of UK financial advice firms and its staff support the Foundation by donating money through regular giving and supporting fundraising events. Its Care4Kids programme supports disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas and applications are nominated by Openwork financial advisers and employees. Our grant was supported by BKIT supporter and Openwork advisor Gautam Mehra.

The generous funding given to BKIT is able to make a significant difference to the school by helping to

  • Provide new equipment for nursery classes that encourage child-centred learning through play.
  • Cover the salary of a science teacher and a nursery teacher for two years.
  • Purchase materials for coaching slower learners in Science, Maths and English in classes 6 to 10.
  • Pay for furniture and materials for Art and Crafts classes.
  • Secure new cricket, football, volleyball and other kit for sports lessons.
  • Buy shelving, maps, books and computer software for the School library.

We are delighted that this collaboration with the Openwork Foundation is able to cover so many different areas of the school’s activities and we will provide further updates over the coming months as the money is spent.